Pens for Kids is trying to help children around the world, by removing one of the hurdles on their way to an education – the cost of a pen!

In many countries, children can only dream of an education, as parents can not afford to send them to school. The main obstacles are often school fees, school uniforms, or that the children need to work to help support the family. In many countries education is free, but missing income, uniforms and cost of school utensils like pens are still big hurdles to overcome. In some countries where the average income per family is a dollar or two a day, pens are big investments.

Many kids just wish they could be allowed to go to school. By sending us your new and used pens, or helping pay towards shipping costs of some pens, this makes the dream a reality for many.

Donate toward postage here:

Pens for Kids Switzerland has official tax exemption status! You can see us listed on the current list of tax exempt institutions here.

Donations can now be declared in tax returns.

Information on where to send your pens and other supplies here.

Current Status: Pens for Kids Switzerland:

MAY 2024: Please follow us on LinkedIn for the most up to date information about Pens for Kids Switzerland.

JANUARY 2024: Two shipments have gone out to Pens for Kids Kenya and Pens for Kids Tanzania. The rolling total is now >8,000 items sent to children in Africa! 

OCTOBER 2023: We have now sent >6,000 items to needy children! Thanks to all of our sponsors.

FEBRUARY 2023: Donations of pens etc. are rolling in. Please consider how you can help. If you don’t have pens, funding toward postage always welcome.

SEPTEMBER 2022: We are appealing for donations (pens and/or postage). If you have boxes of pens etc. in the Zurich / Zug area, we may be able to collect them directly. Please just get in touch and we will see what’s possible. 

APRIL 2022: The current total is >4,000 items sent to children in need. Thanks to everyone who has helped us!

FEBRUARY 2022: You can now find us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pensforkidsswitzerland/.

Check out the photos from our partners of empowermefirst.college in Uganda, distributing pens on behalf of Pens for Kids Switzerland.  

DECEMBER 2021: Our partners at empowermefirst.college are distributing some of our pens in Uganda.

NOVEMBER 2021: Annual meeting held.

OCTOBER 2021: We have now sent 2,779 items to our partners!

SEPTEMBER 2021: The current total stands at 1,908 pens and pencils sent to children who can use them for schoolwork. Well done everyone!

JULY 2021: We have now sent over 1,000 items to 3 different countries since we started in March. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far.

MARCH 2021: German language website launched: www.pensforkids.ch