Pens for Kids is trying to help children around the world, by removing one of the hurdles on their way to an education – the cost of a pen!

In many countries, children can only dream of an education, as parents can not afford to send them to school. The main obstacles are often school fees, school uniforms, or that the children need to work to help support the family. In many countries education is free, but missing income, uniforms and cost of school utensils like pens are still big hurdles to overcome. In some countries where the average income per family is a dollar or two a day, pens are big investments and quickly dry out under the relentless Equatorial sun.

Many kids just wish they could be allowed to go to school. By sending us your new and used pens, or helping pay towards shipping costs of some pens, this makes the dream a reality for many.

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Current Status: Pens for Kids Switzerland:

The association was founded on 25 November 2020.

The German language website was launched in March 2021: www.pensforkids.ch