What we do

We collect pens from friends, colleagues, family, companies – in fact whoever donates them, and send them to our contacts overseas.

The pens and pencils are then distributed to schools and orphanages overseas that would otherwise struggle to fund such items for their children. We do this through our partners at Pens for Kids Kenya and Pens for Kids Tanzania.

We accept donations to help cover the cost of sending pens. You can donate by bank transfer – details are on our “How You can Help” page. You can either make a donation towards a shipment, or sponsor a box or two of pens yourself.

Alternatively, if companies or individuals would like to send the pens directly to Pens for Kids Kenya or Pens for Kids Tanzania this saves us lots of time, administration and, most importantly, money. Please let us know if you have done this so we can share the good news.

We can also provide pens to individuals or groups that may be travelling as volunteers to work in orphanages or schools overseas. Please contact us if you are volunteering, and let us know what you need.



A world where school supplies are not a barrier to children’s education.



To send unwanted pens and other school supplies to children around the world in need of them.