Who we are

Pens for Kids Denmark – the  founding organization

Claus Kusk Hjørnet started the project in Denmark after his first safari in Kenya in July / August 2000 with his wife Mette.  When they planned the trip, they saw it as a once in a lifetime experience they just had to try, but on their way back to Denmark had already promised each other to go back some time.

Claus is a chemical engineer. Most of his spare time is spent on his “Help Africa” projects, but he also finds time to be a parliamentarian in IDA – the Danish Society of Engineers, where he is an  elected member of the general assembly for IAK (IDA’s unemployment insurance for engineers) and supplant member of the general assembly for IDA – the main trade union organization for engineers.

You can see his Danish website (which includes text in English) at www.pensforkids.dk.


Pens for Kids Switzerland

Pens for Kids Switzerland has a similar founding story to Pens for Kids UK. Diarmuid De Faoite went online to find a useful way to donate a box of pens he had been given. The Pens for Kids Denmark page explicitly states that opening branches in other countries would be welcome.

After some initial contact with Claus, the new association, Pens for Kids Switzerland, was founded on 25 November 2020 by Diarmuid, his wife, Martina Negri and their friend, Jörg Schaarschmidt.

They run two websites, one in German: http://www.pensforkids.ch/ and the same one in English: www.pens-for-kids.com.


Pens for Kids UK

Malcolm O’Brien spends a lot of time in hotels each year, and one afternoon was wondering what to do with the stash of free pens that he’d picked up along the way that were sitting in a drawer at home. A search on the internet for good causes needing unwanted pens led to www.pensforkids.dk. A couple of emails and phone calls to Claus later, the website and the UK branch of the organization came into existence. Visit the UK website at www.pensforkids.co.uk.

Malcolm is married to Charlotte, and they have a son (Alex) whose really enjoys helping to unpack envelopes of pens and box them up for onward distribution to Africa. Please help to make his day by sending him some!


Pens for Kids Kenya

Pens For Kids Kenya is a non-profit NGO registered in Kenya. You can view the board members here.

If you donate a pen to Pens for Kids Kenya – they send it to a child who needs it. Pens for Kids Kenya is based on 100 % voluntary work – there are no employees, no-one makes money on the project, and the children do not pay anything for the pens.


Pens for Kids Tanzania

Pens for Kids Tanzania receives donated items from Pens for Kids organizations in the industrialized countries – and directly from donors – and distributes them to kids, orphanages, schools and charity organizations in Tanzania free of charge.

Pens for Kids Tanzania is operated by safari driver and guide Philip Amon, and registered as a non-profit charity organization by the Tanzanian authorities.


What Pens for Kids is – wherever it is based:

* An organization that remains free of any political or religious influence, economic motives or any interests other than helping children in developing countries to get an education
* Run entirely by unpaid volunteers
* An organization that needs your pens – either new or used (but still working please), or your donations to help get pens to the children that need them